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Tsugami’s Medical Manufacturing Solutions

February 14, 2020

Tsugami/Rem Sales provides a vast range of machining solutions to the North American Market, especially medical machining. Tsugami Swiss lathes, LaserSwiss machines, and millturn machines are built to master applications including 5 axis milling, high speed surfacing, pinch turning, thread whirling, gun drilling, and simultaneous machining of complex parts such as dental abutments, spinal tulips, bone plates, bone screws, medical devices and more.

Tsugami/Rem Sales’ Swiss Lathes and Millturn Machine options, fitting the medical manufacturing market include:

Tsugami BW Tool Zone

BW129z & BW209Z
The Tsugami BW series Swiss Type Lathe slashes cycle time and produces complex parts quickly through its 3-path control system. This system coordinates the operations on front and rear spindles, enabling simultaneous and overlapping operations. Live tooling on the front and rear spindles add to this capability. Two independent gang type tool posts on independent slides further extend the ability of the BW to make short work of complex parts.

Tsugami’s LaserSwiss machines combine the precision of a Swiss turning center with a fully integrated laser cutting system to improve part quality, minimize part handling, eliminate secondary operations, and accelerate production to unimaginable speeds.

S205-II & S206-II
The S series of Tsugami Swiss CNC Lathe is capable of simultaneous machining of complex parts. The S206-II includes a backworking Y-axis for additional capability. Modular tool zones and live-tool capacity enhance the performance of this machine’s ability to cut parts in one set-up.

SS207-5AX & SS327-5AX
The hallmark of the Tsugami SS207-5AX and SS327-5AX Swiss Type Lathes, in addition to Swiss turning speed and accuracy, is their ability to cut contoured shapes using a swiveling B-axis. This capability greatly enhances the CNC lathe’s ability to produce high precision parts with sculpted geometries.

The Tsugami SS38MH-5AX sliding headstock lathe with B-axis is a chucker-convertible, high-performance automatic CNC lathe that offers full 5-axis simultaneous machining with a FANUC 31i-B5 control. This machine’s backworking overlap with live tool capability allows for multiple tools in the cut and is equip with a total of 52 tools, including a 40 tool magazine, 10 tools on the back tool post, and an optional 2 tools on the deep hole drill holder. 5 modular type live tools on back tool post for optimum allocation of machining capability.

A versatile, 5-Axis, Multitasking Turning Center that can perform virtually any machining trick in the book using the CAPTO C4 60 tool magazine and B-Axis tool spindle. This machine touts powerful milling capability combined with legendary Tsugami turning/drilling capability and accuracy.

Time-tested sliding headstock technology and Tsugami precision allow you to machine long, slender parts that traditional turning centers cannot. Milling capability from the tool spindle gives you the capability to make virtually any complex part. The ATC and 16-station turret combine to eliminate set-ups and changeovers, making this multi-function the perfect choice for short runs of complex parts.

The BH20Z Turning Center combines a front gang slide with a rear turret, and gives you up to 35 tool positions for rotary and stationary tools. Z-axis capability on the rear turret allows you to cut complex shapes in one set-up. Precision, speed, and accuracy of a high performance Swiss turn. Flexibility and rotary tooling benefits of a turning center. All in one heavyweight performer.

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