TMU1R - 38 mm Multifunction Turning Center

The ultimate and most capable Swiss turn / milling multifuntion turning center on the market today.  Time-tested sliding headstock technology and Tsugami precision allow you to machine long, slender parts that traditional turning centers cannot.  Milling capability from the tool spindle gives you the capability to make virtually any complex part.  The ATC and 16-station turret combine to eliminate set-ups and changeovers, making this multi-function the perfect choice for short runs of complex parts.

Swiss Turning Precision, Multifunction CNC Milling Flexibility

The Tsugami TMU1R multifunction turning center is perhaps the most capable Swiss type lathe/multitasking turning center on the market today. This unique turning center defines Tsugami’s dedication to power, speed, accuracy, innovation, and flexibility. With a resident 60-tool ATC (118 optional) and 16-station turret, this 38 mm turning center is perfect for short runs of complex parts made complete in a single set-up.

Both main and sub spindles are identically powered, and machining performance is further enhanced by a 10,000 rpm horizontal tool spindle, mounted to B-axis.  The front and rear spindles both feature full C-axis capability, and the horizontal tool spindle offers 210 degrees of positioning via the B-axis. 

The TMU1R multifunction turning center delivers Tsugami excellence across the full spectrum of performance, making this multifunction Swiss machine the perfect choice for short runs of complex parts.

Maximum Bar 38 mm / 1.5 in
Max Machining Length 250mm / 9.84 in
Main Spindle Speed/Motor 6,000 rpm, 11/ 7.5 kW
Back Spindle Speed/Motor 6,000 rpm, 11 / 7.5 kW
Tool Spindle Speed/Motor 10,000 rpm, 5.5 / 2.2 kW
ATC 60 Tools Standard, 118 Optional
Control FANUC 32i-B
Weight 18,739 lbs / 8,500 kg
Footprint:  W x D x H 3,650 x 2,200 x 2,500 mm / 143.7 x 86.6 x 98.4”
  • Swiss Turn Benefits, Multitasking Flexibility  – Sliding headstock technology enables precision machining of long, slender parts impossible on conventional turning centers coupled with ATC and 16-Station Turret for flexibility
  • Identically  Powered Main/Sub Spindles independent 11 / 7.5 kW motors, plus 10,000 rpm Tool Spindle speed
  • Unique Tsugami “Dual Spindle” Structure maintains superior gripping power and accuracy of the workpiece
  • 16 Station Turret for flexible tool storage
  • 60 Tool ATC – additional storage and flexibility, milling/turning tools share same type of shank
  • Enhanced Milling Capability – Horizontal Tool Spindle mounted to B-axis
  • Fanuc 32i-B Control      
  • 118 Tool Magazine
  • Work Catcher
  • Work Unloader
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Tool Checker
  • Work Conveyor
  • Mist Collector

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