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Tsugami, MachineMetrics, and SilencerCo: Customer Success Story

February 20, 2020

Tsugami/Rem Sales is proud to partner with MachineMetrics, to better service end-user customers in the manufacturing and machining market, across all industries.

SilcencerCo, a loyal Tsugami customer, recently shared their successes in “Gaining a Competitive Edge with Real-Time Visibility” through MachineMetrics data sharing and analysis.

“In 2019 alone, SilencerCo was able to realize remarkable improvements in both the efficiency and profitability of their production leveraging MachineMetrics. SilencerCo started their implementation with the goal to capture real-time manufacturing data for their business systems in an effort to improve decision making and set realistic benchmarks for future improvement. Download this case study to learn how they achieved these goals as well as other significant gains they experienced across the organization.”

Click here to download the testimonial.

As a commitment to customer service and exeptional support, Tsugami/Rem Sales offers MachineMetrics Service and Health on all of their Swiss CNC Lathes, at no extra cost to the end-user. MachineMetrics_Tsugami Remote Service-For Tsugami Customers