TMA8F - 65 mm, 5-Axis Turn/Mill Multifunction Turning Center

A versatile, 5-Axis, Multifunction Turning Center that can perform virtually any machining trick in the book using the CAPTO C4 60 tool magazine and B-Axis tool spindle.  This machine touts powerful milling capability combined with legendary Tsugami turning/drilling capability and accuracy.  The TMA8F turning center represents several generations of upgrades, but remains true to its high performance, practical, all-in-one genesis.

Flexible, Precise Mill/Turn Multifunction Machine

The Tsugami TMA8F Multitasking Turning Center is the ultimate machining solution. The TMA8F is a 6-Axis Turn/Mill equipped with a 60 tool magazine and the ability to perform full 5-Axis simultaneous machining to machine complex parts complete in a compact, flexible machine tool.  You can take the most complex part and perform a full range of operations: CNC milling, drilling, tapping, compound angle work, turning, boring, and threading in a single set-up.

The TMA8F turn/mill center delivers higher precision, a large capacity tool changer (60 CAPTO C4 standard), glass scales on X/Y/Z axes, standard touch setter, parts catcher, and C-axis capability in a powerful yet compact machine tool. The possibilities are endless; the 8 inch chuck allows for machining of large diameter parts while a quick change collet system can be adapted for up to 2.5 inch bar work through the spindle.

Maximum Bar Stock 65 mm, 2.56″
Maximum Work Diameter 220 mm, 8.66″
Max Work Length 580 mm, 22.83″
Main Spindle Speed/Motor 5,000 rpm, 20hp
Sub Spindle Speed/Motor 5,000 rpm, 15hp
Tool Spindle Speed / Motor 20,000 rpm, 15hp
ATC 60 CAPTO C4 Tools Standard
Control FANUC 31i-B5
Weight 18,739 lbs / 8,500 kg
Footprint:  W x D x H 3,700 x 2,126 x 2,250mm / 145.7 x 83.7 x 88.6”


  • Full 5-Axis Machining Capability for complete parts
  • 4GB Data Server for large surfacing programs
  • High Speed Automatic Tool Changer Standard: tool-to-tool speed of 0.8 sec. Turning and milling tools with same shank size in common magazine, 60 CAPTO C4 tools standard
  • Bar Capable: TMA8F works equally well with bar fed or chucked material
  • Powerful Milling:  15hp built-in motor capable of milling center performance
  • High Rigidity Cross Slide Structure delivers high accuracy in complex machining
  • High Accuracy: Positioning repeatability is ±0.1 μm        
  • HP Coolant through the Tool Spindle: 1,000psi max.
  • Full C-Axis Sub Spindle: finish parts complete in one operation
  • Parts Catcher Standard
  • Touch Probe Standard
  • Glass Scales on X, Y, Z Standard


  • Royal QC Collet System for Main and Sub Spindle
  • Part Unloader
  • Part Conveyor
  • Mist Collector

More About This CNC Machine

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