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About Precision Tsugami

Precision Tsugami, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, specializes in manufacturing high-precision CNC Lathes, Turning Centers, Machining Centers, and Multi-Tasking Machines for the machining of small parts around the world.

Founded in 1923, the company is now the largest machine tool builder in the world specializing in technology for machining small parts (.5 to 38mm). Small parts require sophisticated CNC machine tools that deliver high speed, superb accuracy, and unparalleled precision.

Since its inception, Precision Tsugami has pioneered many innovations in the development of CNC Lathes featuring a sliding headstock, known as Swiss-type lathes or Swiss Turns, a tradition that continues today.

For many years, Precision Tsugami machine tools were referred to as “Swiss style” lathes, or simply Swiss machines, for their sliding headstock features.  While Precision Tsugami still sets the standard for Swiss Turning of small diameter parts, recent technology advances now make many of our models uniquely suited to manufacture all types of small parts.

Swiss-type lathes are usually reserved for long runs of high-precision small parts.  Today’s extended range of Tsugami CNC machine tools also contain features that enable a manufacturer to produce small parts in short runs, with easy set-up and fast changeover times.  Optional “chucker” kits also transform the sliding headstock Swiss Type Lathes into traditional CNC Lathes or Turning Centers providing extra flexibility for a machine shop.

Current industries served: aerospace, automotive, optical, medical, surgical implant, optics, camera, and office automation.

History of Precision Tsugami

Precision Tsugami was founded in Japan in 1923 as a manufacturer of gauge blocks. In the machine tool industry, gauge blocks are used to measure and benchmark the overall accuracy of parts machined on various machine tools. Incredible accuracy is required to manufacture them, and the fledgling company delivered it with their first product!

This unbending dedication to accuracy soon became the hallmark of Precision Tsugami, and established a tradition of excellence which is honed and refined in every product manufactured today.

Today, Tsugami Precision is the global leader specializing in CNC machine tools which make high-precision small parts (.5 to 38mm). In addition to its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Precision Tsugami operates modern manufacturing plants in Japan (3) and China (1).

Precision Tsugami’s newest manufacturing plant is located in the Pinghu Economic Development Zone of Zhejiang, China. The complex of 9 modern buildings comprises 420,000 sq. ft. and is a masterpiece of modern manufacturing technology. Production processes and innovations in the new facility mirror those of our Nagaoka, Japan flagship facility. The plant is ISO 9001 certified, and capable of producing more than 1,000 units per month to exacting Tsugami standards. It is vertically integrated to ensure the highest quality.