Precision Metal Machining Inc. – CNC Screw Machine Enhances the Competitive Edge

Challenge: Needed a machine with the rigidity neeed to hold fine micro finishes.

Machining Solution: SS20

Result: This Tsugami SS20 Swiss-type CNC Screw Machine at PMMI has been saving the company nearly 60% of their outsourcing costs after only six weeks of operation.

Location: Carlstadt, NJ

“After significant machine versus machine comparisons,” says Giovanni Riccardi, PMMI’s director of operations, “we selected the Tsugami SS20 Swiss-type CNC automatic as the optimal solution for our requirements. Some of the machines we looked at had the strength for heavy cuts, but did not have the rigidity needed to hold fine micro finishes. We can not allow chatter and tool marks that require a great deal of hand finishing. Demos on the Tsugami SS20 showed us it could take the time-saving heavy cuts and still provide the smooth finishes our customers need right off the bat. It has all of the bells and whistles we could ever need for our parts.”

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