MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC

Challenge: Quick Changeover Jobs in Highly Competitive Medical Industry

Machining Solution: Tsugami SS32 and S206 Swiss Type CNC Lathes

Result: Fast, Reliable and Accurate Machining

Location: Ramsey, MN

Read how Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathes, at MultiSource Manufacturing in Boulder, CO, offer fast, reliable, accurate and easy to change over machining solutions in a job shop environment…

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC operates in six divisions spread over five locations across Minneapolis, MN and Boulder, CO. The company provides tight tolerance machining, electromechanical assembly, plastic fabrication, equipment build and complex progressive dies.”

Rob Redden, Sales Engineering Manager for the Ramsey, MN facility, explains why choosing the right machining technology was so important: “The company competes in the highly competitive medical industry. We operate in a job shop environment and need to be able to change over jobs quickly and efficiently to meet our customer’s requirements. Tsugami offers flexible Swiss type lathes that are fast, reliable, accurate and easy to change over.”

MultiSource had many options when choosing their new turning centers. Redden says, “We considered other live tooling CNC lathes, but we decided on Tsugami because of the faster cycle and setup times, the ease of use, and the local service and support.”

Redden continues, “Our local distributor and Rem Sales have been second to none at their sales, service and applications support. Our regional sales manager from Rem Sales stops in on a regular basis along with the team from our local distributor to make sure that jobs are running smoothly on our SS32 and S206 Swiss Type CNC Lathes. They will provide any solutions when needed.”

He concludes, “I would recommend Tsugami CNC machine tools to others in the industry because their CNC Lathes are well-rounded, versatile and backed by exceptional support. Our Tsugami lathes have helped us stay on the cutting edge of technology and remain competitive in the markets we serve.”

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