Azimuth Technology

Challenge: Production of high quantities of parts

Machining Solution: Tsugami SS20 (Two), B0125-II (Two) and B0206-II Swiss Type CNC Lathes

Result: 30% increase in production with Swiss Turning

Location: Naples, FL

With a total of 5 Tsugami Swiss type lathes installed, read why Azimuth Technology in Naples, FL continues to add Tsugami CNC Lathes to their Swiss Turning Department…

“Azimuth Technology, LLC has been built around utilizing the latest in manufacturing technology to provide our customers with the best quality product,” explains the turning department manager, Adam Naylor. He is responsible for seeing that the company’s production goals are met, including any decision to purchase capital equipment, such as CNC Lathes.

Naylor says, “When I was hired, the company already owned both an SS20 and a B0125-II Swiss Type CNC Lathe, from Tsugami. One of the main reasons we decided to purchase another Tsugami CNC lathe was because of the familiarity we had with the machines. We looked at multiple different manufacturers of 20mm sliding headstock machines, but Tsugami was definitely the best fit for us.”

He continues, “The largest improvement I have noticed since adding the second Tsugami SS20 CNC lathe is that the Swiss turning department is getting ahead on production. I’m no longer splitting work travelers in order to send parts to assembly and I’m slowly building a cushion that will allow me to run 2 weeks’ worth of parts before switching to the next part. This is a huge deal for us, not only because we no longer have to worry about shutting down assembly, but with fewer changeovers on the machines, my production rate has increased significantly. If we chose a Star or Citizen, I would still be training the operators on the new platform, whereas the additional Tsugami CNC lathe was mostly ‘plug and play’. The increase in production provided by the new Tsugami SS20 makes it possible to provide assembly with roughly 30% more components on a daily basis.”

Naylor says that dependability and customer service were also reasons for choosing Tsugami turning centers. He explains, “Both Tsugami machine tool purchases that I’ve been involved in were extremely easy and pleasant experiences. I never felt pressured or hassled by the sales representative. Rem Sales always sends knowledgeable and friendly service technicians to do the installation, and their customer service is by far the best in the industry. Every time we purchase another Tsugami CNC lathe, the experience seems to get even better.

He praises, “Without hesitation, I would recommend Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathes to anyone in the market for a user-friendly, dependable and precise machine.”

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