Angstrom Manufacturing

Challenge: One stop shop for complete, finished parts

Machining Solution: Tsugami S206

Result: Decreased cycle times to 20 seconds

Location: Bloomsdale, MO


HARTWIG HELPS ANGSTROM DECREASE CYCLE TIMES – Established in 1999, Angstrom Manufacturing brings over two decades of experience to the manufacturing industry, primarily focusing on machining for both dental and medical products, but also custom building and operating automation and robot equipment.

Angstrom partners with their customers to provide high quality, low costing consumable supplies, while meeting all ISO standards and FDA regulations. Angstrom is known for being a one-stop shop for completely finished goods. They not only machine the part, they will also laser mark and electro-polish the part as well.

Angstrom’s overall eagerness to provide unprecedented satisfaction to their customers and their ambition to expand into even more manufacturing sectors is truly inspiring.

Why Tsugami?

As Angstrom continues to see growth, they made the decision to implement a fast making, part producing TSUGAMI S206. Previously outsourcing most of their parts, Angstrom is currently four months ahead of schedule with the utilization of their new TSUGAMI.

Chris Carron, owner of Angstrom and CNC machining veteran, jokes that he is so ahead of schedule that he may have to give the TSUGAMI a break for a while due to its speed.

“Close tolerances and no offsets days and days at a time… I am not afraid to run this machine unattended, overnight.”
~ Eric Scherrer, Machine Operator & Programmer
Eric Scherrer running Angstrom’s steel tip dental part on the TSUGAMI S206.

They are currently producing 1500 parts a day with the TSUGAMI S206. The cycle time was estimated to be 50 seconds, but is presently at running at 20 seconds per.

“Growing up pretty much my whole life in machine shops, these cycle times are just incredible.”
~ Chris Carron, Owner

Why Hartwig?

Being a company who provides not only superior products to their customers, but also assists with the design and development of products, Angstrom is not like other manufacturers.

Like Angstrom, Hartwig is not like other distributors, as they are well-known for their service and support after the sale. Deciding to partner with Hartwig, Angstrom knew that they could build their unique business together.

“We fought hard for Angstrom’s business. We are extremely happy to be partnered with them, and we will be with them every step of the way as they continue to grow.” ~ Ron Ehler, Hartwig Sales Engineer

Combining both high-quality parts and the S206 from the TSUGAMI line, along with the strong support from the Hartwig team, Angstrom will continue to do what they do best: produce exceptional parts, fast, and carry forward with the design and automation of the future of manufacturing.