Spirol International Corporation

Challenge: High-quality, high-volume, low cycle time

Machining Solution: Tsugami B0205-II (3), BE20V (3), BE12V (2), BE12 (3) Swiss Type CNC Lathes

Result: Increased productivity, 40% decreased cycle time

Location: Danielson, CT

Read how Spirol International Corporation, a manufacturer of machined and formed fasteners, benefits from their 11 Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathes and support from Rem Sales, to produce over 2 billion components per a year…

Spirol International Corporation, a manufacturer of machined and formed fasteners, produces over 2 billion components per a year.  Matt Bartlett, an engineer for SPIROL, works primarily with the metal cut product line.  Since joining SPIROL, he has been involved in many aspects of the product line including applications, tool design, cost analysis, preventative and reactive maintenance, and much more.

Bartlett explains, “Our VP of Metal Cut Technologies learned about Tsugami Swiss Type CNC lathes through a local manufacturer.  When I arrived at SPIROL, the company was in beginning stages of the purchase of the original eight CNC Lathes.  My predecessor played a large role in the purchase and development of the Tsugami Swiss Turns within SPIROL.  The challenge we had was getting the machine cycle time down to meet customers’ high volume demands.” He says, “We considered three Swiss Type Lathe manufacturers to meet our cycle time requirements because we believed the lathes were capable, but our challenge with looking for a machine tool supplier was also finding a team that was willing to work with us and challenge themselves.  Ultimately we chose Tsugami/Rem Sales because of the quality of their Swiss Type Lathes, lead time and the knowledgeable support staff.  The staff at Rem Sales not only embraced the challenge, but met our demands with flying colors.”

SPIROL heat/ultrasonic installed insert

Bartlett describes a particular part for which they experienced great results.  He says, “The part is one of the most popular products in the metal cut product line.  It is a heat/ultrasonic installed insert for plastic, which has a 10-24 through hole thread, three knurl bands and multiple OD grooves over the length of the part.”  He continues, “Tsugami Swiss turn was able to offer us tool blocks and fast rapid movements that allow for quick changes from tool to tool in order to decrease idle time during production.  Normal cycle times without the tool blocks and fast movements would be around 12 seconds; we were able to decrease that time by up to 40%.”

Bartlett praises, “Our end result from working with Tsugami/Rem Sales has been a set of 11 reliable Swiss Type CNC Lathes and a couple of very well trained mechanics who have a skill set that SPIROL, as a company, can be very proud of.  We have been able to produce a large number of parts and perform 15-20 setups a week.  Also, we have logged over 8.5 million parts on our Tsugami BE12V lathe since we purchased it in 2008.  The CNC lathe has not had any major issues and the uptime has been incredible.”

He concludes, “I would highly recommend Tsugami CNC Lathes.  I have never had a problem getting a service tech in from Rem Sales, whether it’s a new application, a machine repair or a machine purchase.  My salesman has been a great asset to us as well.  I can give him a challenge and he will gladly work with his team to come up with a solution.  I’ve seen the innovations that Tsugami/Rem Sales offers and I have never seen a challenge the team was unable to overcome.”

For more information about Spirol International Corporation, please visit: https://www.spirol.com