Prince Industries – Swiss-type Turning enables faster, more efficient Machining

Challenge: The company strives to exceed the needs and expectation of its customers, eployeed and suppliers by continuously improving virtually every aspect of its operations.

Machining Solution: BU38SY

Result: Parts complete in 1 op, removed inaccuarcies.

Location: Carol Stream, IL

During the review, REM Sales Regional Manager Dan Murphy and Application Engineering Manager Steve Tragarz introduced a Tsugami BU38SY Swiss-turn as a potential solution. The duo agreed that this machine was a good fit for several reasons. For one, theBU38SY offered the possibility to produce the part complete from barstock. In addition, the sliding-headstock machine could remove inaccuracies that may result from workpiece deflection on the type of gang-tooled lathe the shop might have considered.

“We are by no means strangers to Swiss-turns,” Mr. Paluch says. “Given the size and geometry of the part, however, we didn’t even think that it was a Swiss application.”

The team began with the goal of developing a stable tooling process after meeting with Jim Campbell, Prince Industries’ project leader, and tooling experts from Sandvik Coromant who were willing to share their experience with producing these par ts. The new process would extend tooling life beyond the approximately60 pieces that could be cut with the roughing tool and the 160 pieces that could be cut with the finishing tool. Mr. Murphy recommended increasing the depth of cut to eliminate the multiple roughing passes. Using the stability of the Tsugami BU38SY and its 15-hpmain spindle, the team increased the depth of cut to 0.270 inch at 500 surface feet per minute with the front gang slide. Consequently, they were able to consistently and efficiently remove material from the part, producing that familiar popcorn sound of “big blue chips hitting the glass.” A maximum 0.0003-inch perpendicularity from the face to the OD was maintained using unground, cold-drawn barstock.

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