Tier One – OEM Transitions To Contract Manufacturer

Challenge: Needed the right machine to fill a gap in their facility.

Machining Solution: TMU

Result: Machining solution with an ATC for a wide range of capabilities.

Location: Newton, CT

“Don Stankus, director of manufacturing and stakeholder, spearheaded the mission. “Contemporary Swiss-type turning centers with live tools seemed like a smart solution or perhaps a mill/ turn center of some sort,” says Mr. Stankus. “We let all of the information we gathered gel for a while when we returned. We considered what we had seen in light of work we had in-house and work we wanted to get. One of the machines that peaked our interest at the show, and which we ultimately installed, was the TMUl from Tsugami (REM Sales).”

Tsugami’s TMU1 takes a significant step forward to accommodate the need for more flexible, easy-to-run machine tools. On the surface it is a 1 ½-inch-capacity Swiss-type machine. It adds one interesting feature to the mix- it has a fully automatic toolchanger to service its independent milling spindle.

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