Honor Med Maskiner Corp.

Challenge: Tight Tolerances and Repeatability

Machining Solution: Tsugami B0326-II Swiss Type CNC Lathe

Result: Reliable, Repeatable, Cost Effective Machining

Location: Elgin, IL

Honor Med Maskiner Corp Owner

Read how Honor Med Maskiner Corp has greatly increased productivity and accuracy of their medical components with the installation of a new B0326-II Swiss Type CNC Lathe…

Patricia Hirsch owns Honor Med Maskiner Corp., which clarifies why the direct Swedish translation of her company name is “Females with Machines”. The company manufactures precision components for the medical, firearm and pneumatic industries.

Hirsch was in search of a new CNC Lathe to replace the company’s older equipment. “We wanted a CNC lathe that was extremely versatile and could hold tight tolerances and repeatability on various jobs. We decided on a Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathe among many other choices after conducting lots of research, hearing from other happy customers and visiting their booth at the International Manufacturing Technology Show,” says Hirsch.

She continues, “C. The modular live rotary tool units, live tooling speed and the option to run without a guide bushing are just a few of the reasons why Tsugami was the best option for us.”

Hirsch explains the results her company has experienced since purchasing their Tsugami: “We’ve seen greatly increased productivity and accuracy of our components. Our B0326-II Swiss Type CNC Lathe is presently operating at full capacity 24/7 producing a highly complex part. We love the fact that we save material on the bar ends since the machine operates with a chucker and there is no need to use ground stock. Plus, the controls are easy to operate and we are able to run the lathe on an unattended extended shift.”

Hirsch adds, “Service and support are ready to help and hands on. We enjoyed working with the entire team. Tsugami CNC Lathes are great machines for their price, and deserve a lot of praise. We strive to be the best, and in order to stay competitive in this industry, we must provide the best equipment. We plan to continue our relationship with Tsugami as part of that vision.”

For more information about Honor Med Maskiner Corp. and how Tsugami solved their machining challenges, please contact Patricia Hirsch at (847) 741-9400.