Groth Manufacturing

Challenge: Longer-running jobs with smaller parts

Machining Solution: Tsugami B0124 Swiss Type CNC Lathe

Result: 15,000-part run can be completed in half the time that it previously took

Location: Carpentersville, IL

Read how Tsugami CNC Lathe technology is helped Groth Manufacturing improve their manufacturing capabilities, especially for high volume production jobs…

John Groth purchased a run-down screw machine shop in 1996, which he renamed Groth Manufacturing. Since then, as President and CEO, he has successfully grown the company to operate in a 22,000 square-foot facility which serves a variety of industries, including automotive, energy, agricultural and firearms manufacturing.

Groth says, “My company’s main challenge was longer-running jobs with smaller parts.” Having first heard of Tsugami machine tools years before while working with a Tsugami salesman, Groth says, “He showed me how much better Tsugami’s Swiss Type CNC Lathes were than the competition. We decided on a Tsugami lathe based on the capabilities of the machine, the knowledgeable service and the fact that it was priced right and in stock, with no long lead time. ”

Groth notes that Tsugami was able to solve a particular application challenge and explains, “One of the parts we make is a dust cover pin that is .1240/1242” diameter, 3.5” long, with a .187” head. We use .250” diameter bar stock and this is no problem for our Tsugami CNC lathe. Our challenge in making this part was keeping a nice finish on the outer diameter, plus taper problems even using a box tool. With our Tsugami lathe, there is no taper at all and the process is much faster.”

“During four 40-hour work weeks we cranked out a 15,000 piece order in no time!” exclaims Groth. He adds, “This lathe just runs, and tool life is great. Plus, it takes up hardly any floor space. The experience was really good, and I’d recommend Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathes any time.

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