Gage Manufacturing, Inc.

Challenge: Startup company; elimination of secondary operations

Machining Solution: Tsugami BE20, SS20 and SS32 Swiss Type CNC Lathes

Result: 10% improvement in productivity and quality

Location: Elk Grove Village, IL

Read how Gage Manufacturing has realized a 10% improvement in productivity and quality of their components since purchasing Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathes…

In 2008, Ed Gajewski started Gage Manufacturing Inc. along with his wife, two sons and a longtime employee. The company is a precision machine shop that produces high-quality, complex components for a wide range of industries, including automotive, defense, aerospace and hydraulic. A variety of materials, such as aluminum, copper, brass, and several types of steel are used to make the parts that they produce.

Gage Manufacturing strives to provide customers with accuracy, precision and short lead times, so it was important that they chose a highly capable Swiss turning solution. Gajewski says, “Our machining challenge was to manufacture parts complete, eliminating secondary operations. We looked at competitive Swiss type lathes, but ultimately chose Tsugami based on reliability, cost and service. Tsugami CNC lathes have the attachments to make the simplest to the most difficult parts we manufacture.”

The company has realized a 10% improvement in productivity and quality of their components since purchasing Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathes. Gajewski explains, “Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to machine parts up to 32mm diameter, producing components with tolerances to .0002”, and can perform threading, grooving, turning, O/D and I/D threading, taping, cross drilling, knurling, reaming, back turning, as well as drilling.”

Along with the numerous capabilities of the CNC lathes, Gajewski is also impressed by the buying experience he had with Tsugami/Rem Sales. He notes, “Our company was just starting out and Tsugami/Rem Sales was willing to work with us to make a deal happen. It was then that our relationship with Tsugami began. The ability for Rem Sales to have all of our lathes delivered in a short time, plus having the help of their engineering manager and applications engineer to set everything up, was instrumental in why we chose Tsugami machine tools. It was a great experience.”

Gajewski concludes, “I would definitely recommend Tsugami Swiss Type Lathes to other companies in the industry. Tsugami lathes are great machine tools for a great price and the support is second to none, which in this business is a big plus.”

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