EPTAM Plastics

Challenge: Machining a Tight Tolerance Medical Implant for a Market Set Price

Machining Solution: Tsugami SS20, SS26 and SS327-5AX Swiss Type CNC Lathes

Result: More Business Opportunities in the Medical Market

Location: Northfield, NH

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EPTAM Plastics – Staff

Read how EPTAM Plastics was able to satisfy a unique challenge, for machining a spinal implant, by using Tsugami Swiss Turn technology from Rem Sales…

EPTAM Plastics, established in 1981, started as a small business with only 3 employees, and has since grown to operate with 100 employees in a 60,000 square foot facility in Northfield, NH. The company specializes in machining high end polymer components for industries such as medical, energy, military/aerospace, semiconductor and more.

“Our challenge was machining a spinal implant made from Implantable PEEK plastic material. The customer was preparing for a launch in a couple of months, so it didn’t give us a lot of time to complete the project. We had to be creative with tooling and work holding to make this project happen,” explains Max Dubois, CNC Programming Manager.

He continues, “We had worked with Morris Group, Inc. before, and they recommended a Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathes as the right solution. We also considered an Okuma 5-axis mill, but Tsugami CNC lathe was preferred due to the speed, accuracy and multi-tasking ability.”

“The support from Rem Sales is second to none. Service and Applications have helped us maximize our Tsugami’s potential,” adds Dubois.

He concludes, “The result is that we were able to satisfy the customers launch requirements, machining over 100 unique part numbers in a short timeframe. This has opened up many more business opportunities for EPTAM Plastics in the spinal market.”

For more information about EPTAM Plastics, please visit their website at www.eptam.com.