D&R Machine Company

Challenge: Small diameter, close tolerance parts with secondary operations

Machining Solution: Tsugami SS26 Swiss Type CNC Lathe

Result: Increased machining capabilities

Location: Southampton, PA

Read how D&R Machine Company has strengthened their ability to take on tight tolerance work with the addition of a new Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathe…

D&R Machine Company, founded in 1971, manufactures components for the aerospace, commercial, military and transportation industries. The company operates in a 42,000 square-foot facility in Southampton, PA, where Paul Redante serves as the president and owner.

“We already had a Tsugami Swiss turn we’d been using for over 20 years, so it was natural to consider a new one when we decided to buy another CNC lathe,” says Redante. He continues, “Accuracy, machining capabilities and ease of use were major concerns. We chose Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathes based on the price, features of the machine and service support of Rem Sales.”

Since the purchase of their Tsugami SS26 CNC Lathe, the company has experienced widely increased machining capabilities. “We were previously not able to quote on close tolerances (<.001″) or parts requiring secondary machining operations. Our new Tsugami lathe gives us the competitive capability to make these parts,” explains Redante.

Redante also notes that his company had a great overall experience with Tsugami/Rem Sales. He says, “Our experience with the salesmen, application engineers and service support has been excellent. The regional sales manager walked us through training and the implementation of some accessories, which made installation a success,” explains Redante.

As a final point, Redante jokes, “Tsugami lathes certainly get our recommendation…except maybe to our competitors!”

For more information about D&R Machine Company, please visit their website at www.drmachine.com.