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Still Learning After 102 Years – Nolte Precise Manufacturing & Tsugami Swiss Machines

December 10, 2018

As seen in Production Machining Magazine, by Chris Koepfer – Editor in Chief. 

“We generally don’t purchase machines without the work to put on them,” Mr. Coster says. “However, having expanded our shop’s capabilities into more varied operations, we are able to attract work from our customers that might have otherwise gone to another shop.”  The centerpiece of Nolte’s machining capability is its proficiency with managing production of complex parts across its CNC Swiss machines. After running several brands of CNC Swiss, in 2013 Nolte standardized its shop with Tsugami machines. 

“Our newest Tsugami machine is a model BO 206,” Mr. Coster says. “It’s a 20-mm machine with six axis, opposed gang tool setup. It is also equipped with a chucker package that gives us the flexibility to run the machine with or without a guide bushing as dictated by the length-to-diameter ratio of the workpiece. Many jobs run better on a sliding headstock machine even though they are not traditional Swiss-type parts. The key is dropping off the part complete as possible using a single handling.”

One reason that Mr. Coster believes in focusing on a single brand, such as Tsugami, is the familiarity that the programmers, setup people and operators can establish experience with one brand. Over time, they are able to become proficient with these machines instead of relearning the idiosyncrasies of different brands. The FANUC control that Tsugami uses is also an advantage to standardizing because most of Nolte’s people are familiar with it.

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