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SmartFlex Guide Bushing System by Tsugami/Rem Sales and JBS

November 19, 2018

The SmartFlex Guide Bushing System is designed to create consistent support when machining less than favorable quality bar stock. It can also improve roundness after machining by providing an even pressure around the bar at all times. This guide bushing system is created by converting the standard Tsugami Direct Drive guide bushing internals with a pneumatic draw tube assembly made by JBS.


  • Locally stocked inventory for quick delivery to the customer.
  • Easy to Install with prewired solenoids and fully detailed instructions.
  • Single Cone system is easy to adjust.
  • .3mm of total bar stock variation tolerance.
  • Regrips on longer parts can now be performed without the need to use the sub spindle for support.
  • Extruded material does not gouge or gall when moved through the guide bushing.

Testing, testing…

Roundness is improved significantly from raw bar to finished part.

  • Testing was performed on 1” extruded 6061 aluminum
  • Raw material condition was .0014” roundness
  • Took a .185” depth of cut and 1.5” in length
  • The turned diameter was .00015” roundness
  • Incredible improvement vs. standard guide bushing

See the video here!