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RECAP: Machine Training – August 14-18, 2017 – Windsor, CT

August 24, 2017

Kevin Pelletier, of Tsugami/Rem Sales, recently hosted a machine training class for customers and distributors from August 14-18 in our Windsor, CT headquarters. This machine training class focused primarily on the ins and outs of the Tsugami B0326-II; a popular model with an intuitive design platform.

This week-long class consisted of nine attendees; each working in service and/or maintenance departments for customers and distributors alike.

During the session, Kevin covered:

  • Monthly and yearly preventive maintenance including what pieces should be changed, cleaned, and checked to ensure each Tsugami runs at its finest
  • Troubleshooting of electrical components
  • Information on the machine tool builder and Fanuc control alarms
  • Checking input and output signals to the control
  • Completing machine alignments in case a machine suffers something like a sub spindle crash into back working tooling
  • Straightening of the drill block and pick up tool positions
  • A discussion on rebuilding main, sub, live tooling spindles and changing bearings
  • Checking run out and endplay
  • Changing axis slides, ball screw, and thrust bearings
  • Setting all axis home positions
  • Machine accessories and add-on options such as MP high pressure systems, the Tri-Mist 850 mist collection unit, as well as various bar feeders and chip conveyors
  • Steps to take when machines are not functioning correctly and potentially need parts replaced

The group also enjoyed quality time together, exploring local lunch and dinner spots. Overall, the class was a huge success.

To learn more about future classes and to register to attend one near you, visit our training page – https://www.tsugamiamerica.com/home/training0.html