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Investment Leads to Greater Capabilities

March 5, 2019

Courtesy of Manufacturing News Magazine

With the assistance of Tsugami representative Mike Narcisso, Morris Great Lakes, Radax Industries purchased its first Tsugami, a BE20-V CNC Swiss lathe. The component machined on this Swiss lathe was a stainless-steel fastener with a custom pitch thread. Utilizing the BE20-V, the cycle time on the Tsugami was half of what it had been on other machines in the shop.

“The components made on the Tsugami BE20 met our customers’ requirements and helped Radax grow, resulting in the purchase of five more Tsugami machines to meet more demand. The manufacturing complexity and flexibility needed were met. It has been eight years since we first started our project. Productivity has been realized by unattended operations. The quality of the components is seen by our customer satisfaction consistently registering 4.8 out of 5.0,” said Sacco.

Radax now runs seven Tsugami machines: S206 20 mm 7-axis opposed gang tool CNC lathe, B0326 32 mm 7-axis opposed gang tool CNC lathe, B0206-II 32 mm 7-axis opposed gang tool CNC lathe, two BE20-V Swiss type 5-axis CNC lathes with chucker mode capability, SS26 26 mm Swiss Type CNC 7-axis automatic lathe and SS20 20 mm Swiss Type 7-axis CNC automatic lathe.

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