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4 Ways Tsugami/Rem Sales Helps Address the Skills Gap

March 4, 2020

The skills gap is a challenge that manufacturers suffer from across the United States, on a daily basis. Manufacturing companies across the nation are on the hunt for qualified operators, programmers, and engineers but struggle to find those individuals due to a lack of trained workers coupled with the high demand for employees.

In a recent article published by Modern Machine Shop, Udo Jaun – General Manager, explains that “technology is expanding the machining trade,” not taking the place of workers in shops, because of the need for highly skilled labor to run and maintain automation systems.

The Tsugami/ Rem Sales team recognizes the need for assistance in this area and is here to help. See below for the three ways that Tsugami/Rem Sales is helping combat the skill gap.

2-Path and 3-Path Training Programs
Tsugami/Rem Sales offers free training classes on a regular basis at each of our office locations across the US, and often at distributor owned locations.  2-Path Control Training classes focus on the Tsugami  B0125/126, B0205/206, B0325/326, B0385/386, S205/206, SS207/327, SS20/26/32,  and SS38MH-5AX platforms, while 3-Pth Control training classes focus on the Tsugami BW129/209, BH20/38, and B038T platforms. The full list of classes can be found online.

Abile Programming Software
Abile Programming Software is CAM software that comes free with the purchase of your Tsugami Machine. The software is developed by Tsugami Engineers, specifically for Tsugami machines and is capable of programming moderately complex machined parts. Abile incorporates all basic machine features and several material types with predetermined feed rates, making programming easy.

Quick Change Tooling
Quick Change Tooling makes Swiss CNC machine set ups simple and quicker changeover between part programs. Simply put, quick change tooling is any tooling that allows you to position the tool at the same position, every time.

There are a number of options available for your business through Tsugami/Rem Sales, including:

  • Goltenbodt Quick Change Tool Systems
  • KM Micro
  • Sandvik CAPTO, CoroCut XS, and CoroTurn XS
  • Dorian Tool Preset Length Turning Tools
  • Suhner Quick Change Live Tools
  • REGO-Fix SwissQuick Collet Reductions

All options exhibit their own benefits, but one overarching advantage is that these tools can be preset ahead of time and changed out quickly at any point in an operator’s shift.

Educational Partnerships
Tsugami/Rem Sales partners with colleges, universities, and technical schools across the United States to help build programs around Swiss machining technologies. One specific school that uses the Tsugami/Rem Sales 2-Path curriculum to teach students is Fullerton College. For a comprehensive list of educational institutions that have a Tsugami in house, click here.

As an added benefit, Tsugami/Rem Sales’ Applications Engineers and Service Technicians are available by phone and email, for trouble shooting and support, at any time.

With the Industrial IoT on the rise, Tsugami/Rem Sales also recognizes that the digital world has an incredible influence on how companies function. Throughout the year, our team will increase the release of helpful video content on our YouTube channel, so keep watch!