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PMTS 2019

The Tsugami/Rem Sales team is excited and ready for PMTS 2019 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, OH from April 2-4.

Join us in booth #6016 throughout the show. See our booth location, here.

Add us to your show planner, here.

This year, we will exhibit our newest technology and machine tools, including:

  • Tsugami VA2: The Tsugami VA2 vertical machining center is built for high accuracy and high speed. Its space saving design features a compact machine body with long stroke. The VA2 is ideal for a wide range of CNC Milling applications.
  • Tsugami M08J: The M08J allows you to do many machining operations from turning, drilling, boring, and thread cutting. The manual tailstock with programmable quill provides additional support for long or slender machining operations. Ideal for a wide range of applications, the M08J is built for high accuracy, high productivity machining.
  • Tsugami B0206-III : The B0206-III is a 6-axis convertible opposed gang tool CNC lathe that adds Y2 Axis capability to the back tool post of the B0 configuration. Overlapped, simultaneous machining is enabled. Plus, back slotting, back end milling, and back cross drilling/tapping may be performed.  Use the B0206-III for traditional 20 mm Swiss turning or for making parts smaller than 3:1 L/D ratio in “chucker” mode (optional conversion kit needed).
  • Tsugami SS38MH-5AX: The Tsugami SS38MH-5AX sliding headstock lathe with B-axis is a chucker-convertible, high-performance automatic CNC lathe offers full 5-axis simultaneous machining with a FANUC 31i-B5 control. This machine’s backworking overlap with live tool capability allows for multiple tools in the cut and is equip with a total of 52 tools, including a 40 tool magazine, 10 tools on the back tool post, and an optional 2 tools on the deep hole drill holder. 5 modular type live tools on back tool post for optimum allocation of machining capability.
  • NEW! Tsugami B0386-III: This brand new 38mm chucker convertible Swiss type CNC lathe is capable of a 42mm machining diameter in chucker mode and touts eight live back tools as well as an extremely rigid platform.

We will also cover the benefits and advantages of technologies such as Tsugami’s Abile programming software, MachineMetrics remote monitoring service, quick change tooling solutions, and the SmartFlex Guide Bushing unit.